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We buy houses in Huntington, WV

Giving new life to Houses in Huntington 

If you are familiar with Huntington, WV then you know of the abundance of vacant and abandoned houses. These houses are an on-going problem for the city Huntington. These properties are left in un-livable conditions and are potential fire hazards posing a threat to the neighboring houses. 

We Buy abandoned and Vacant properties

Selling an abandoned property can be quite challenging due to various factors. Potential buyers are often put off by the property's poor condition, which requires extensive and costly renovations. Additionally, legal issues like unpaid taxes or liens may need addressing before a sale can proceed. 

Chestnut Capital WV is happy to take these unwanted properties off your hands and create more housing opportunities! 

Is your property not in Huntington? No problem! We serve all over southern WV 

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